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Author, exhibition text. Is it morning yet? YYZ Artists' Outlet, Toronto

Guest Editor (with Yasmin Nurming-Por), magazine issue. Blackflash Magazine 40.3


Author, interview. “To Look Without Fear: in conversation with Wolfgang Tillmans” PUBLIC Journal

Media coverage, interview. "Katie Lawson's Fogo Island Residency," CBC Radio Newfoundland 

Author, exhibition text. “Brick: a body among other bodies” Mercer Union, Toronto

Author (with Jaclyn Quaresma), exhibition text. "All Flourishing Is Mutual" Images Festival, Toronto 

Author, interview. “Mutable Matters: A Conversation with Laura Hudspith” Peripheral Review


Author, exhibition review. “…between two beings across great distance” Femme Art Review

Contributor, podcast episode. "Dana Prieto and Katie Lawson," Tape/Talk: Acts of Engagement, Toronto Biennial of Art 

Author, book chapter. “What Water Knows” Water, Kinship, Belief co-published by the Toronto Biennial of Art and Art Metropole

Author, book chapter (peer-reviewed). "Learning from the Lake" Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices, published by Punctum Books

Media coverage, interview. "Can Land and Water Be Archives? A Pandemic-Era Toronto Biennial Mines the Histories Beneath Our Feet" ARTnews


Author, exhibition text."polyempath polyethylene" MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie

Author, interview. "Cracks and Fissures: Saúl Hernandez-Vargas’ Strategies of Intervention" Public Parking


Author, exhibition text. "Sediment: Gillian King" Galerie Nicholas Robert, Montreal

Author, book review. "Animals, Ed. Filipa Ramos" InVisible Culture

Author, exhibition text. "Terramatter: the art of living on a dying planet" City Hall Art Gallery, Ottawa


Author, exhibition text. "Learning from the Lake: Maggie Groat and Kelly Jazvac"  Art Museum, University of Toronto

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