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Media coverage, feature. "What do rocks know about us anyway?" Chris Hampton for CBC Arts 

Author, exhibition text. "Is it morning yet?" YYZ Artists' Outlet, Toronto

Guest Editor (with Yasmin Nurming-Por), magazine issue. Blackflash Magazine 40.3


Author, interview. “To Look Without Fear: in conversation with Wolfgang Tillmans” PUBLIC Journal

Media coverage, interview. "Katie Lawson's Fogo Island Residency," CBC Radio Newfoundland 

Author, exhibition text. “Brick: a body among other bodies” Mercer Union, Toronto

Author (with Jaclyn Quaresma), exhibition text. "All Flourishing Is Mutual" Images Festival, Toronto 

Author, interview. “Mutable Matters: A Conversation with Laura Hudspith” Peripheral Review


Author, exhibition review. “…between two beings across great distance” Femme Art Review

Contributor, podcast episode. "Dana Prieto and Katie Lawson," Tape/Talk: Acts of Engagement, Toronto Biennial of Art 

Author, book chapter. “What Water Knows” Water, Kinship, Belief co-published by the Toronto Biennial of Art and Art Metropole

Author, book chapter (peer-reviewed). "Learning from the Lake" Multispecies Storytelling in Intermedial Practices, published by Punctum Books

Media coverage, interview. "Can Land and Water Be Archives? A Pandemic-Era Toronto Biennial Mines the Histories Beneath Our Feet" ARTnews


Author, exhibition text."polyempath polyethylene" MacLaren Art Centre, Barrie

Author, interview. "Cracks and Fissures: Saúl Hernandez-Vargas’ Strategies of Intervention" Public Parking


Author, exhibition text. "Sediment: Gillian King" Galerie Nicholas Robert, Montreal

Author, book review. "Animals, Ed. Filipa Ramos" InVisible Culture

Author, exhibition text. "Terramatter: the art of living on a dying planet" City Hall Art Gallery, Ottawa


Author, exhibition text. "Learning from the Lake: Maggie Groat and Kelly Jazvac"  Art Museum, University of Toronto

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