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polyempath polyethylene

The MacLaren Art Centre, July 26 - October 31, 2021

Role: Guest Curator

In Polyempath Polyethylene, Montréal-based Kelly Jazvac presents an installation of new artworks, continuing to engage with the prevalence of synthetic materials in contemporary life. Polyethylene is the most common and versatile plastic polymer, and is present in the artist’s practice through a commitment to working with recycled post-consumer materials. Featuring sculptures five years in the making, Jazvac has worked at a pace that is more sustainable and responsive to the process of material salvaging involved in her environmentally-conscious practice. These works are paired against the uncanny meeting of bodies and landscapes, using sewing techniques to alter waste from commercial advertising and drawing on its visual vocabulary. How do we understand the true scale of plastic pollution and the climate crisis, and how does it feel in our bodies?

This exhibition is complemented by a critical text, written by guest curator Katie Lawson.

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