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all flourishing is mutual

Images Festival Exhibition with support from Collision Gallery, Toronto: December 2, 2022 - February 26, 2023

Role: Guest Curator, with Jaclyn Quaresma

All Flourishing Is Mutual introduces a glitch to the network of Commerce Court as an exhibition within the sprawling underground pedestrian tunnels of the PATH in so-called Toronto. The exhibition proposes alternative values in place of the dominance of capitalism, prioritizing exchanges based on gratitude, reciprocity, and relationship. Logan MacDonald, Odeimin Runners Club, Patricia Domínguez, sophia bartholomew, Sylvia Matas, each in their distinct way, explore ways of sustaining connection to the non-human world. 


These relationships are mediated by ancient and future technologies, enabling the meeting of bodies and material through the warp and weft of textile, augmented reality, belief systems, surveillance footage, or the scrap heap. 

All Flourishing Is Mutual is indebted to the writing of Robin Wall Kimmerer, whose recent text “The Serviceberry” provides both the title and a framework to shift our understanding of abundance and scarcity, together and apart. Working across a wide range of mediums, the works of Logan MacDonald, Odeimin Runners Club, Patricia Domínguez, sophia bartholomew, and Sylvia Matas provide nuance to considerations of belonging, bodies, plants, and public space.


All Flourishing Is Mutual is supported by the Canada Council of the Arts' Reopening Fund.


Exhibition furniture fabrication for Patricia Domínguez by Véronique Sunatori. Exhibition documentation by Laura Findlay. 

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